Event – Sport Mind Mastery – 1 Day Workshops

 SportsMind Mastery – Mind Performance Training. 

Imagine performing in competition as well as you do in practice as you take control of your body and Mind

SM Workshop 5 Oct 2016

Have you ever considered that your performance is the results of your thoughts? Everything starts with a thought and your thoughts are real forces of powerful energy.  

The One Day Sports Mind Mastery workshops has been specifically developed to provide practical training for coaches, enthusiastic parents, high level performers and keen amateurs who wish to learn techniques to improve their mental approach to sport.

You can learn essential mental and emotional skills that will enhance your sports performance. Creating a stronger mental attitude will benefit more than just your sports performance, but will impact on your entire well being.

With a stronger mind the body becomes stronger than you can imagine.

 What you can expect from attending:

  • How to use your thoughts and mind to influence your performance
  • Becoming aware of your Self-talk and creating more effective ways to communicate
  • How to increase Self Confidence and boost Self Belief
  • How your Internal Beliefs impact on your performance – Motivation from within
  • How to overcome negative mindsets and beliefs
  • Dealing with anxiety effectively – Performing at your peak when it counts
  • Dealing with the Fear of Failure
  • How to Visualize for success – Believing is seeing
  • Relaxation and state control – How to create excellent states of mind



Dual Bookings: R 950-00 per person *

Standard Cost: R 1 150-00 per person *

* (Includes Course Material, Tea/Coffee and juice on Arrival, Mid morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea and a sweet treat)

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