What happens when mistakes are made?

Have you ever made a mistake and wondered how to deal with it?

Dealing with Mistakes
With an open line and nobody to stop you get passed the ball and then…  something dreadful happens. You drop the ball. Or you miss the easiest putt, have the longest jump just to realize you overstepped or you miss an easy shot with an open goal box. That’s right there are many examples and haven’t we all experienced those moments when mistakes are made, sometimes by ourselves or sometimes by our teammates. You know that dreadful feeling or maybe disappointment when it happens and you just want to disappear into anywhere else. You feel like you have let everybody down and that you have failed your teammates, your coach, your family, yourself.

These moments can often define how you continue to play the game. Maybe you have wondered how you could deal with these moments better?

There is just not time to dwell on the mistake! - Move on!
That's what champions do.

Believe it or not you have a choice on how these moments influence you.  You could either dwell on the mistake, and we all know how that works out, or you could do something different.

You can either continue to blame yourself or your teammates, coach or whoever you need to use as an excuse, feel guilty and dwell on it. This choice will just make you the weak link in the team and will draw energy from the rest of the team that will worry about you and would want you to get you back in the game again. Or you can choose to grow a new perspective.


6 Ways to recover from mistakes:

  1. Have you ever considered that you did not expect to make the mistake? Yes and neither does your teammates, coach or family. 
  2. Is it not a fact of life that those who are willing to risk failure can grow and become stronger?
    Champions know making mistakes is part of the game. To be a champion is not without mistakes. Making mistakes is how you get there. With the right mind set and a positive strategy mistakes will help you get there better. 
  3. Remember there is no such thing as failure, it is only feedback and every mistake makes you grow stronger and better. 
  4. When you make a mistake, own up and immediately apologize. Realize that you and your team mates are disappointed and nobody likes to make mistakes and they will wonder if you are "ok". Make sure you let everybody know you are ok and you will make it up. They don’t have to worry, you definitely don’t intend to let it happen again. Then forgive yourself and move on. 
  5. When somebody else makes a mistake, they need to hear it is OK and they are forgiven. That’s right forgive immediately and move on. There is no time for pity or condemnation. Move on and focus on your next effort. 
  6. When the referee, umpire or match official makes a mistake. Deal with the situation and except they are just as part of the game as the weather. Forgive and forget immediately, Refocus on what you have control over and move on.

 Any competition has obstacles to overcome and the athlete that is the most flexible to adapt in spite of these obstacle will allow him or herself a better opportunity to prevail. To be a champion you need to beat the best in spite of everything. That’s right, not everything always goes according to plan. Mistakes will be made, by yourself, your teammates, referees and coaches. Your ability be mentally strong, calm headed and focused, will give you the opportunity to persevere.

That’s what champions do.

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