Mental Skills Coaching for Sport Performance

Providing training for coaches, managers, high level performers and keen amateurs who wish to learn the techniques to improve their mental approach to sport.

Have you ever considered that your performance is the results of your thoughts? Everything starts with a thought and your thoughts are real forces of powerful energy. 

That’s right it does not matter at what level you compete your mind plays a role. Would you not want to learn how you can use your mind more effectively and enhance your performance. You can learn essential mental and emotional skills that will enhance your sports performance. Creating a stronger mental attitude will benefit more than just your sports performance, but will impact on many other areas of your life.

You can take your sporting Career to the next level

At SportMind, we work with athletes and sports teams to help improve their mental and emotional skills. Our primary goal as a sports mental coach is to enhance your mental toughness, resilience, focus, and confidence so that you can perform at your best under pressure and achieve your full potential.

At SportMind, Bennie Louw makes use of a range of techniques and interventions to help athletes, coaches, and parents of young athletes overcome mental barriers, such as anxiety, stress, and self-doubt. Bennie Louw provides mental skills training sessions for individuals and groups and works closely with coaches and trainers to create customized mental training programs for you.

Some of the key areas that you can expect to focus on are goal setting, visualization, self-talk, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. By helping you develop these skills, you can improve your performance, enhance your overall well-being, and prepare for success both in life and sport.