Sport Mind Workshops

Coaching the Sport Mind to Success

The Sport Mind Workshops have been presented to various schools and clubs and offer the opportunity to enhance mental skills for athletes, coaches and parents. Although there are specific programmes and learning units, the workshops are tailor-made to suit the need of your club, team or organisation. The workshops and talks are practical and will equip you with tools and techniques that are effective and easy to use.


Danny DamonThe “Sport Mind Workshops” is a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand the importance of mental preparation in sport and how you can use your mind to improve performance. Not only gives it a new perspective on preparation for competitive sport but also how to deal with competition stress and anxiety. As a coach I have learned how to positive talk to athletes to inspire, motivate and support in training and competitions. Coaches need to deal with their own stresses, anxiety of athletes, expectations of parents and so much more and the sport mind workshop taught me more on how to deal with all of these challenges. Danny Damon


Danny Damon - Full time coach at Monster Javelin Coaching, specialising in javelin and also part of the SA Coaching Team at IPC World Championships 2015 Doha, Africa Senior Championships 2016 and Rio Paralympics 2016. Danny has coached many athletes to success on national and international level. Amongst these athletes are the likes of Morne Moolman - Silver 2011 - World Youth and Bronze 2012 - World Juniors, Anneke Germishuys - Gold 2015 Africa Youth championships, Zandri Bailey - Bronze 2013 - Africa Junior Championships and current SA under 23 Champion, Para Athlete (F38) Reinhardt Hamman - World Champion 2013 and 2015 and Paralympic champion 2016 and many more upcoming stars.

There are many aspects to mental training and various topics are covered within the Sport Mind workshops and talks.

You can expect to learn more about:

  • Mental Toughness and resilience.
  • Becoming aware of your Self-talk and creating more effective ways to communicate.
  • The power of your mind and how your thoughts Influence your performance.
  • How to overcome negative mindsets and beliefs.
  • Enhancing self-confidence and how to deal with negative patterns
  • Dealing with anxiety and fear of failure effectively – Performing at your peak when it counts.
  • How to use Imagery and Visualization in sport.
  • Relaxation and state control.
  • Focus and concentration.
  • The role of the coach, athlete and parents
  • And more …

This is your opportunity to get to know your MIND and learn how you can use it to enhance your PERFORMANCE. All you need to do is to be open and allow yourself to embrace a change in perspective.

To find out more how you can attend or arrange an event you can contact Bennie Louw or CLICK HERE to send me your details and I will contact you to discuss how I can help you.

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