Talk: Mental skills coaching in Sport

Obtain a competitive edge through mental training.

Mentally ToughLets Talk: How can your mind help you enhance your performance.

30 May 2019 - 19:00 to 21:00

In sport there is an increasing awareness of how important mental factors are within athletic performance and it is recognized that physical talent is not the only component which leads to success. At the highest level it is often the mental game which separates the elite performers from the good performers.

Being mentally tough is the desire of every competitive sportsman or woman. It is also what distinguishes exceptional and average performers apart.

“One of the most profound things validated through study after study of many great athletes, is that if you take a group of athletes with equal ability and some receive mental training while others do not, the ones who were given mental training will always outperform those without. Why?  Simple: because those who use mental training skills develop a Mental Edge” - Gonzalez

Like any skill that can be learned and developed, so can mental toughness. It is not something that is only genetic. Although it comes more easily for some players than for others, it can be learned and developed. In general players already have many of these skills. however, for many players, there is often room for improvement. By being mentally tough, you can bring all your talent and skill to life consistently. Being able to use your emotional life effectively will help you perform at your best more consistently. The use of thinking skills, imagery, confidence building and other techniques you can improve your performance and reach a high level of mental toughness.

“There are many helpful techniques that can help you successfully gain your mental edge as long as you are willing to practice, not just your body, but also your mind.”

Who should attend:

Coaches, parents, managers, anybody who is involved with player performance enhancement, that wants to learn techniques to improve their mental approach to enhancing player performance.


Date: Thursday, 30 May 2019 (19H00 to 21H00) 

Venue: Futura House, 63 Lincoln Road, Boston, Bellville

Standard Cost: R 250-00 per person 

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