Beyond the Field: Enhancing the role of Parents and Coaches in Sport

Let's Talk: How you can enhance the role you play in your athlete's development?

Are you ready to take your role as a parent or coach in sports to the next level?

Imagine being able to guide your child or team to peak performance, fostering their confidence, resilience, and focus. Mental training is the key that unlocks their true potential.

Are you a parent, coach, teacher, or sports organizer who would like to know more about the mental aspects of sports, and how you can better support your young athlete? Or are you looking for tools to better equip you to deal with the challenges of being a parent or coach?

As a parent or coach, you play a crucial role in shaping the athletes and adults of tomorrow, and by integrating mental training you can make a real difference.

By attending, you can discover effective ways to support your child's growth and development in sports while fostering a positive and balanced lifestyle, and as a Coach, teacher, or Sports Organizer you can enhance your mental aspects of coaching, motivational strategies, and effective communication methods to inspire your athletes and bring out their best performance.

How important is it for you to develop a "COMPETITIVE EDGE"?

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As a PARENT have you ever asked?

How can I support my child's sports development?
How can I help my child balance academics and sports?
How much should I push my child to excel in sports?
How can I help my child cope with the pressure and stress of competitive sports?
What should I do if my child wants to stop playing a sport?
What role should I play during my child's games?
How can I help my child overcome a sports injury and return to the sports field?
Should I specialize my child or play different sports?
How can I support my child's sporting goals?
How do I handle conflicts with other sports parents or coaches?

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As a COACH, have you ever asked?

How can I help my athletes develop strong MENTAL TOUGHNESS?
What strategies can I use to motivate my team and keep them focused?
How can I effectively communicate with athletes to improve their performance?
What techniques can I use to manage pre-game stress and anxiety?
How can I help athletes overcome mental obstacles?
What are effective ways to promote team cohesion?
How can I help athletes develop a positive mindset and overcome self-doubt?
What strategies can I apply to improve concentration and focus during competitions?
How can I support athletes to deal with high-pressure situations and maintain control?
What psychological preparation techniques can I teach my athletes to improve their performance?
How do I handle conflicts with sports parents or coaches?

This is an excellent opportunity to answer your questions and also learn new techniques that can help you and also help your athlete.

Remember, your athletes' success goes beyond physical training. Equip yourself with the mental skills necessary to empower their journey towards greatness.

Join me and become the driving force behind your athletes' success. Remember, champions are made in the mind. Are you ready to lead them to victory?

What you can expect:

How mental training can benefit you as a parent and coach.
Practical insights and strategies to enhance your role as a parent or coach.
Defining the critical roles of the “Performance Partnership”
Q&A sessions where you can your questions.
A chance to shape the future of your athlete and make a lasting impact on their future.

Who should attend:

Coaches, parents, managers, and anybody involved with player performance enhancement that wants to learn techniques to improve their mental approach to enhancing player performance.

Date: Thursday, 7 September (18H00 to 20H30)
Venue: Bellville TBC
Stander Rate: R 350-00 per person

Ask me about block and club booking rates. WhatsApp Bennie on 082 729 8899

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The Sports Mind Events is specifically designed to provide practical training to improve mental approach to sport.

That’s right it does not matter what level you compete your mind plays a role. Would you not want to learn how you can use your mind more effectively and enhance your performance. You can learn essential mental and emotional skills that will enhance your sports performance. Creating a stronger mental attitude will benefit more than just your sports performance, but will impact on many other areas of your life.