Workshop: Mental Toughness and Mindset

26 February 2018 - Hosted by Centurion Academy Sport Management Bellville

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Being mentally tough is the desire of every competitive sportsman or woman. It is also what distinguishes exceptional and average performers apart.

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Mental Toughness and Mindset

In sport there is an increasing awareness of how important mental factors are within athletic performance and it is recognized that physical talent is not the only component which leads to success.

  This workshop will focus on:

  • Defining Mental Toughness and to look at how you can improve on your mental strength
  • Your Mindset  and how to overcome negative mindsets and limiting beliefs
  • Relaxation and State Control - How you can create excellent states of mind when it counts

* These topics form part of the more comprehensive 8 module Sport Mind Mastery course.

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The Sports Mind Mini workshops has been specifically adopted to provide practical training to improve mental approach to sport.

That’s right it does not matter at what level you compete your mind plays a role. Would you not want to learn how you can use your mind more effectively and enhance your performance. You can learn essential mental and emotional skills that will enhance your sports performance. Creating a stronger mental attitude will benefit more than just your sports performance, but will impact on many other areas of your life.

Who should attend: Athletes, coaches, parents, managers, anybody who wants to learn techniques to improve their mental approach to sport.


Date: Monday - 26 February 2018 (8H30 to 12H30)

Centurion Academy sport-300This event is hosted by Centurion Academy Sport Management Bellville

Venue: Centurion Academy - Skyscape Terraces, D J Wood St, Bellville West, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa

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Standard Cost: R 450-00 per person

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