PACE boosts your potential

Performance and Competitive Evaluation
A mental performance evaluation tool for athletes and coaches.

Expert Evaluation Tool
Pace was created by expert psychometrists and Organizational Psychologists who together with sports-coaches/-psychologists and –consultants, who have taken the lead in developing this high-quality tool.

“get inside your head, to understand your patterns and needs for improvement ”


PACE is for athletes, coaches, and anyone who wants to optimize mental performance.


A mental performance tool both for training and competition evaluation


To reach your full potential, both physically and mentally.



Get a complete overview of your strengths and weaknesses, to identify areas for development

Up to 90% of professional sports is mental

Your mindset determines your potential and can be either uplifting or it can be a limiting factor when you are trying to reach the next level. PACE can help you to identify your limiting beliefs, roadblocks and development areas to help you break through the barriers.  

When you train up to 90% of what you do is physical, however when you compete this changes to up to 90% mind and thoughts.

Do you want to up your game and train your mind? Then PACE can help you identify what you need to shift.

Ready to maximize your potential?

How it works

PACE yourself

A 10-15 minute scientific test, assesses your mental abilities during training or competition. This forms the basis for the development goals and assessments.
Both the training and competition assessment, cover the same 13 mental skills. Each part contains 52 questions

The Mental Wheel

Identifies your strengths and weaknesses and gives a complete overview of what needs to be improved to reach the next level. The wheel shows 13 mental skills and strategies that is essential to training and competition.




Optimize performance

With the map in hand, you now have a clear direction to follow. We take the guesswork and personal bias out of the equation, so you can focus on putting in the work that will get you to the next level.

Unpack with your Mental Coach

A certified PACE coach will help you unpack your results and guide you on how to work on your mental skills.

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